The Arcade Collection

A Collection Of Food And Drink Amusements

With so many wonderful dine at home experiences on offer, we have decided to create something a little different. Our dishes, paired with specially designed cocktails offer a fun and creative way to retain some of the party sprit that so many of us are unable to enjoy this season.

We have created The Arcade Collection which provides six dishes with accompanying cocktails for two people, all prepared and packaged for you to have fun assembling in your own home. The experience is playful. It comes with edible and none edible garnishes so you can have some fun with the presentation.


The menu is designed to be enjoyed in one sitting or over a few, that bit is up to you, but for us, the party mood has a six drink minimum right now. 


Our collection of boxes, pouches and props is priced at £165, serving two people.

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